Donating? Do it the right way

Numerous agencies and non-profit organizations in the Washington, DC area provide social and emergency services including food, clothing, and household goods to low-income individuals and families. These social service organizations rely on support of the general public to meet the needs of our clients, in the form of both monetary and non-monetary donations. To optimize the use and value of donations, we want our donors to have up to date information about the various organizations in DC that accept in-kind donations, their current needs, and their donation policies. We want everyone to be the best donor possible.

With this in mind, seven social service organizations have joined together to coordinate an education campaign. We want to help create a city-wide giving model for the Washington DC area.

Not all organizations have the same needs or donation policies ,so researching these organizations is very important before deciding where to make your contribution. Hasty donations are a burden to staff who must find ways to use items their clients don’t need or can’t use. By being a smart donor you are helping each organization meet the most urgent needs by giving items that will go directly to the clients they serve.

When donating please keep these things in mind:

-DO check the website of the organization you would like to donate your items to and look at their current needs and drop off procedure.
-DO reach out to the in-kind gift coordinator to make sure your donation fits the donation guidelines.
-DO donate in reusable tote bags.
-DO donate clean, functioning items.
-DO donate only seasonally appropriate clothing, storage space is tight for many organizations.

-DO NOT donate items with holes or tears or that are soiled.
-DO NOT donate opened toiletries.
-DO NOT drop things off unannounced and leave your donation outside.
-DO NOT donate food items unless you have spoken with a staff member who indicated food was an accepted item.

Find out where to give here.